RI Resource Conservation & Development Area Council Inc

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The purpose of the RC&D program is to encourage and improve the capability of volunteer, locally elected, and civic leaders in designated RC&D areas to plan and carry out projects for resource conservation and community development.

Projects relate to the following four areas:

  • Land Conservation
  • Community Development
  • Land Management
  • Water Management

The RC&D program helps people care for natural resources and improve the quality of life in their communities. The RC&D Area Council (volunteers representing public and private sector sponsors and other local organizations) undertake community driven actions that are strategically focused on regional resource conservation and economic viability. RC&D priorities are set by area residents to meet their needs.


  • To become a fully informed, energetic, and action-oriented Council capable of identifying and solving area natural resource and economic development problems and needs.
  • To assist local sponsors in realizing the full potential of the RC&D program as a rural development tool.
  • To achieve sustainable water quality levels for all uses (drinking, recreational, etc.).
  • To achieve the employment potential of area human and natural resources.
  • To become financially capable to fund all or portions of RC&D project activities.
  • To promote and/or implement projects which encourage recreation, tourism, fish, and wildlife developments, flood prevention, and erosion control.
  • To promote the wise use of land and water resources for agricultural, municipal, and industrial use.


To fully utilize the human and natural resources of Rhode Island in order to enhance the economic, social, and environmental conditions of the people of this state.