Gray Rock Farm

Company Description

Gray Rock Farm in Tiverton, RI is a 55-acre family-owned farm since 1923. We started our herd in 2005 with eight Hereford cows. Since then, we have had three pure Angus bulls. Recently, we have a Red Devon bull for a more tender beef strain.

To promote healthy soil and animals, we use organic practices, but we are NOT organic certified at this time. Our animals are fed exclusively on high protein grasses (canary, orchard, vetch, clover, timothy and alfalfa) grown on the farm, using no pesticide, no hormones, nor antibiotics.  In the growing season, the herd is rotated daily from pasture to pasture and in winter are fed homegrown haylage. They are never fed grain or other by-products.

All our calves are born on the farm and stay with their mothers for six months.  Then they are weaned, and returned until they are old enough for market (24-30 months old).


Beef Cattle

  • Beef Cattle